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Assignment deadlines and details

Fall 2016

The deadline for all Senior survey art/photo/computer graphic students Thursday December 22nd 2016 you must complete the following;

  1. Mat 8 pieces of art work.(This should have been done last year)
  2. Register on the scholastic website National Scholastic On-line Registration website. you will register your portfolio, Plus any additional pieces you want to submit, that have not been previously submitted.
  3. Register the 8 matted pieces (make sure you have a rough estimate of entire matted piece measurement, round up) you will need to decide what category your work goes in If you are not sure ask me.
  4. Extra work(if you want) not previously judged at Scholastic may be entered for individual category judging - indicate these with a large PJ on the back of the mat and on the forms.
  5. Copy and paste your artist statement to digital form on the scholastic website
  6. Print out all completed forms then make sure a parent signs your forms if you are not 18 by December 20th 2016 (you may sign the form if you are 18 by that date)
  7. Tape forms to the back of your piece making sure that the form faces the direction you want the piece hung. One form taped all the way around and one taped across the top ONLY
  8. Make sure that you print out a sheet of P and PJ labels (see below). Change the name on the form, and tape them to the upper the upper Right hand corner of all 8 pieces with CLEAR tape. USE CLEAR TAPE ONLY FOR THIS
  9. Create an inventory sheet with the names sizes and categories of all of your work then print out the inventory sheet (see below)
  10. Create a label for the front and back of your portfolio tape it down on all four sides
  11. Check portfolio Check list below to make sure you have all the proper documents in the portfolio (see below)

If you complete everything on this list by the due date you will receive a 100 for the assignment if you don't it is a 0
This assignment is about learning to make a deadline and you have a month and half to complete it.

Scholastic Information

Labels for your pieces

Please read this list

Categories for scholastics art work

Seniors you have 3 days to write your artist statement and upload pictures of all your art work to your webpages. Please have something to me by Wednesday September 16th

Also add it to your web page

June 14th 2011 Photograph and post your portfolio to a senior web page found here Senior Portfolios 10
----January 30 Any new pieces added to portfolio since November should be photographed and posted to your website

December 22 Completed portfolios due all forms must be signed and filled out as well as all above work done

October 30 first project due

September 15th Artist statement due Artist Statement----

Scholastic Information

Labels for your pieces

Resource Images

Final 08

How to Cut a Mat
Student Pages
How to cut a mat

Due dates 2008-2009

December 23 Completed portfolios due

November 7th portfolio review and begin Scholastic registration
    1. Final check to make sure everything is in order for your portfolio.
    2. Begin Portfolio registration on Scholastic website
    3. December 5 registration for your portfolio completed finalize work in portfolio
      December 23 portfolio due Portfolio complete with all parts done

AP Info

AP registration info
Calendar of due dates for AP

2-D Design
3-D Design
Section I: Quality
Five actual drawings; maximum size is 18" x 24"
Five actual works; maximum size is 18" x 24"
Five works; two slides of each one are submitted
Section II: Concentration
12 slides; some may be details
12 slides; some may be details
12 slides; some may be second views
Section III: Breadth
12 works; one slide of each is submitted
12 works; one slide of each is submitted
Eight works; two slides of each are submitted