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Now that you are receiving ads you need to start creating them and getting final approval from the person in charge of PR at the firm that sent you the ad.
In addition you should be editing poetry
And lastly photographing the art work and editing it. Work needs to be in the following format;
  • All pictures must be in tiff format.
  • 300 resolution or higher
  • Grayscale
All this work must be complete by the end of March to allow enough time to put the magazine together.

You will be designing the schools art and literary magazine.
Things to Remember When Editing the**Pen and Palette**

Pen and Palette to do list

To begin create a list of things you like and things you want to change about the pen and palette below (do this on the wiki page so I can give you all a grade)

1. Introduction
2. pale circle background colors
3. poetry+related artwork on same page
4. mention if the piece won an award
5. sponsors on the inside cover
6. 3-4 pieces per page
7. art on back cover
8. specify area where author's piece is
9. pictures on introduction page
10. Alphabetized table of Contents
11. writing the type of artwork below the piece
12. faded words behind images on cover
13. Artwork and Poetry have separate areas in the table of contents
14. history of the Pen and Palette
15. black and white cover
1. Bolded words covering pictures on cover
2. pure black and white back round
3. extremely long stories taking up several pages
4. writing titles per piece in the table of contents
5. signatures pages
6. only one or two pieces per page
7. trapped space
8. 'fancy' hard to read fonts
9. empty inside covers
10. author name confusion from being in one box in no particular order

  1. Create an announcement for the Morning announcements to advertise the need for poetry and short stories for the pen and palette
  2. Create signs to put up all over the school that advertise the need for poetry and short stories for the pen and palette
  3. Contact all English teacher to be on the look out for some work.
  4. Create a list of addresses of people you want to send letters too for ads in the Pen and Palette
  5. Don't forget to add business names of parents you know that may not have a local business but may be interested in supporting the Pen and Palette. Do this in MS Excel Make sure to have headings like

  • Name Of contact
  • Name of Business
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

4. Create a form letter using the mail merge process in MS Word to send to local business that may be interested in the advertising process. Complete the merge and stuff envelopes find out how to mail stuff off from me.

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