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3D Printed Ultron Helmet 5/22/15
A 3D printed wearable ultron helmet

3D Printed Lamps 5/1/15
Milan inspired 3D printed lamp designs

3D Printed Lockpicks 4/24/15
3D printed lockpicks

3D Printed Body Armor 4/17/15
Fish scale research may lead to 3D printed body armor

3D Printed Studded Prosthesis 3/30/15
Grace Mandeville dons a swarovski studded specially made prosthesis

3D Printed Car 3/26/15
China printed a car.

3D Printed Smaug From The Hobbit 3/10/15
A 3D printed Smaug for the purpose of a bowl or a coat hanger.

Life Sized 3D Printed Elephant2/27/15
Designer Joris van Tubergen created a life size 3D printed elephant to draw attention to endangered elephants for World Elephant Day.

New 3D Printed Prosthesis Allows Teen to Play Guitar 2/12/15
A 3D Printed arm was made for a teen missing a limb so that he could play the guitar.

Ordinary Replicator 2x Used to Print Bone Cancer Treatments 2/5/15
Scientists were able to print efficient, patient specific, biodegradable medicinal implants using the Replicator 2x.

Brainwave Responsive 3D Printed Helmet 1/30/15
A new 3D printed helmet responds to your thoughts and moves accordingly.

My Mini Factory Article 10/17/14
My Mini Factory is looking for people to travel the world and take pictures of famous sculptures, paintings, and landmarks. They then upload these 3D rendered files to their library, which can be used for free, and are able to download any model they want to print.

New Food Printing 3D Paste Printer 10/24/14
The Canadian manufacturer, ORD Solutions, has come out with a new 3D printer that prints tasty frosting, batter, and even pizza dough!

The 3D Printed Violin 10/31/14
Makerbot Thingiverse has created a working model of a violin that is made of plastic but sounds like it's wooden cousin!

3D Printers Involved in Organized Crime 11/7/14
A Bulgarian crime ring was using 3D printers to make false card slot bezels to scam ATMs and user information.

New 3D Printed Food Technology 11/14/14
Dutch designer, Chloe Rutzerveld, created the Edible Growth project. It takes already printable edibles and plants a base made from different organic living material. The material then grows on its own into an edible hors d'oeuvre sized food waiting to be eaten later.

Eye Prosthesis Through 3D Printing 11/21/14
Researchers are now able to create inexpensive eye prostheses with 3D printing, which increases the quality of the prosthesis as well. It gives people with eye cancer new opportunities.

Robotic Prostheses 12/5/14
New upcoming technology makes cybernetic prostheses more advanced and fluid.

IRL Expressions 12/12/14
Phil Nolan creates amazing 3D people using laser sintering.

New Educational 3D Printer 12/19/14
A 3D printer made specifically for education, giving everyday people knowledge of the new process of 3D printing

Walking 3D Printed Robot. No Big Deal. 1/8/15
Build your very own simplified 3D printed robot with this instructional video.

3D Printed Movie 1/15/15
iMaker is trying to make a 3D printed Sci-fi movie.

A Working Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 1/23/15
Will Sweatman created a working 3D printed Pip-Boy from the game Fallout 3. it can scroll through all the actual in game menus! It actually works (if you didn't catch that from the title)!

Rendering 3D Haptic Shapes in Mid-Air using Ultrasound N/A
With this new technology, you can render a 3D object created in a modelling program in mid-air and be able to mold it with your own hands. Even test out the feel of different materials without having to print a 3D replica. It uses "touch feedback technology".

3D Printed Paws for Derby N/A
Derby was born with deformities in both his front paws, but with these new 3D printed paws, he can run again.

New Algorithm Eliminates 3D Printing Waste N/A
Richard Zhang created an algorithm that automatically gets rid of the extra material used to create a build.